All Hail The Return Of Sir TPaw!

Who is that gallant knight gliding o’er the horizon on his white steed? Come hither good people of the frozen Kingdom of Minnesota! All hail the return of Sir TPaw!

Forsooth, the brave knight’s pinstripe Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition suit of armor is overflowing hither and tither with gold lavished upon him by the robber barons of Wall Street.

After being left for dead in the Battle of Iowa, the bloodied knight hath been highly rewarded by the gentry for pillaging the lowly wind-sucking peasants, and for bestowing further riches to their rightful place in the palaces of Edina, Wazyata, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka.

Sir TPaw returneth to overthrow King Dayton and his would-be successors! He is returning to save Minnesotans from the current ravages of historically low unemployment, progressive taxation, services for the peasantry, and a steady stream of national kudos.

Prithee, Sir TPaw, restore us to the glory days of a “no new taxes” troth, budget gimmicks, lower taxes for the upper classes, fewer alms for the commoners, “borrowing” from classrooms, and chronic budget shortfall crises.  (Not to mention your “red hot smokin'” Lady!)

Aye, his beauteous mullet hath been shorn in the c-suite battlefields. But perchance it too shall soon be returned to its past glory?

Gramercy Sir TPaw! How fortunate we all are to once again grace your now wealthier — and, if we may say so, oh-so-presidential — shadow! Dilly, dilly!

But wait! Nay, why o why is thy Kingdom of Minnesota not rising up in rapture and adoration for the newly enriched Sir TPaw riding in on his white steed? The well-born are pitchkettled!  This is utter woodness!

10 thoughts on “All Hail The Return Of Sir TPaw!

  1. The first task is to test his fealty to every whim of his liege lord, the Unholy Orange Emperor. Let there be no attempt to sidestep or dissemble. Tim should be velcro’d to Trump as tight as possible with emphasis on the Donald’s least “nice” tweets and tantrums. Any attempt by Tim to put air between them should be blabbering to the Know Nothing base.

    • Sorry Joe , it says “this video has been removed by user.” But I do recall a “Terrorists are among us” campaign ad which ran in at least one Governor’s race in recent years. Pawlenty is not to be underestimated, as he has the “nice guy” image well-polished, has universal name recognition,and as you mentioned no end of available money to spend.

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