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  1. I noted your list of various minimum wage ‘benchmarks’ and wondered if you had seen this recent video of Elizabeth Warren questioning an economist about the minimum wage relative to increases in productivity. They make the point that, if the minimum wage had kept pace with productivity it would be somwhere north of $20/hour (it’s the 3rd of five videos):

  2. Al Franken & likeablity.

    The senate election matters & it impacts people.

    Watching the Farm Fest candidate panel on the Uptake, I am astounded to find the challengers all said they would do, in effect what Senator Franken has done to date – only that they would somehow do it differently. Not a one could offer how & in fact told us they would magical things that are beyond the scope of a senator! I find THAT laughable.

    Find the Jokers
    The persona requirements of the various players in the senate election is a remarkable tell about our society.

    I find it incredible that the challenger takes groin shots in awkwardly-crafted commercials, and those qualities are supposed to be cute & is expected to make him endearing, possibly for his ineptness in the commercials.

    The sports page-style gimmick headlines are fun in the articles about the race, but they all play off the fact the Senator Franken, a Harvard grad, was once a comedian who wrote for a program who, in that heyday, was a cultural icon.

    Senator Franken has proven himself a good senator.
    The one person in this who would be DERIDED for being too amusing, was in fact a professional and is now the most qualified for the senatorial post!

    Yet, I concur – I think we are beyond the game plan of 2006 which screeched at every smile or hint of levity from Mr Franken. I do think he can loosen his collar to good effect.

  3. You guys should start a podcast focusing on politics and media. As if Trump and the media don’t give you enough fodder, we have the Minneapolis race for mayor this year, gubernatorial and Senate races next year.

  4. Brian, THANK YOU for your latest column. I am sharing it w/ several friends, and I am so appreciative of your research, keen intellect and great writing style. It provides a wonderful release of tension for me and your readers. Keep it up!

    Wouldn’t it be great to have the old gang including David C, w/ JR Sparr directing, back in the TV studio now?!

    Warm regards, Mary

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