In May 2012, I started Wry Wing Politics as a solo blog. To liven up the party and lighten my load, MinnPost’s Brian Lambert and a few others now occasionally contribute as well.

For about thirty years, I’ve worked in politics, government, PR firms, corporations and as a solo consultant.  I think politics is important, meaningful, noble, grotesque, humorous and terrific fodder for a conversation.  So, I use this space to temporarily escape work and life for mostly political conversations.

Why “Wry?”  “Wry” has several definitions. Dry humor. Twisted expressions of displeasure.  Abnormally bent to one side.  Perverse.

I plead guilty on all counts, so “Wry Wing Politics” it is.

What’s the mission?  Elvis Costello crooned, “I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused.”  That’s the mission statement here — try to see the amusing side of the world as it is, while languidly trying to change it.

I’m a liberal in Minnesota with, as polite Minnesotans say, a “different” sense of humor. So, there is a steady diet of liberal politics, Minnesota issues, and quirky humor. But please bear with me when I stray off-topic, and off-mission. Remember, Elvis’s Mission Statement only promises to “try,” so humorless rants, barbaric yawps and wonk-a-thons  also sometimes are in the mix.

Overall, I’m just trying to save the world while having some fun. If you know anyone with similar interests – ranter or ponderer, conservative or liberal, gal or guy — invite them over for some politics on wry.

Joe Loveland

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  1. So Pressler voted against Medicare, SS and abortion… But wasn’t that in the 70/80s ?
    I’d be much more interested in his today views on these subjects, but can’t get a response on FB, though I tried several times. Mmmm

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