This blog is mostly about politics.  We think politics is important, meaningful, noble, grotesque, humorous and terrific fodder for a conversation.  So, we use this space to temporarily escape work and life for mostly political conversations.

We are:

  • Joe Loveland.  For about thirty years, I’ve worked in politics, government, PR firms, corporations and as a solo consultant.  After blogging a number of years with an ensemble at The Same Rowdy Crowd, in May 2012 I started Wry Wing Politics as a solo blog.
  • Brian Lambert.  To liven up the party and lighten the load, my Rowdy pal Brian Lambert joined me in June 2014.  Brian wrote a media column for the St. Paul Pioneer Press for 15 years, was a senior editor at MSP magazine, and currently writes the The Glean column and covers media for MinnPost.  He’s a clear thinker, amazing writer and provocateur extraordinaire.

Why “Wry?”  “Wry” has several definitions. Dry humor. Twisted expressions of displeasure.  Abnormally bent to one side.  Perverse.

I plead guilty on all counts, so “Wry Wing Politics” it is.

Our Mission.  Elvis Costello crooned, “I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused.”  That’s the mission statement here — try to see the amusing side of the world as it is, while languidly trying to change it.

I’m a liberal in Minnesota with, as polite Minnesotans say, a “different” sense of humor. So, there is a steady diet of liberal politics, Minnesota issues, and quirky humor. But please bear with me when I stray off-topic, and off-mission. Remember, Elvis’s Mission Statement only promises to “try,” so humorless rants, barbaric yawps and wonk-a-thons  also sometimes are in the mix.

Overall, we’re just trying to save the world while having some fun. If you know anyone with similar interests – ranter or ponderer, conservative or liberal, gal or guy — invite them over for some politics on wry.

Joe Loveland

4 thoughts on “About

  1. So Pressler voted against Medicare, SS and abortion… But wasn’t that in the 70/80s ?
    I’d be much more interested in his today views on these subjects, but can’t get a response on FB, though I tried several times. Mmmm

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